Сафари Национальный парк Крюгер Южная Африка
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Эта веб-камера сафари установлена на автомобиль и оперативно снимает всё живое по мере обнаружения, попадаются львы, леопарды, слоны и носороги. Стационарным местом расположения является дамба перед домиком Vuyatela, заказника Djuma в пределах Национального парка Kruger.


At times during the day, this African safari webcam is mounted on a game driving car and its a real time experience as you drive through the reserve hoping to catch sight of animals such as lions, leopards, buffalos, elephants and rhinos. When a safari is not taking place the webcam switches over to one located at a dam in front of Vuyatela Lodge part of the Djuma Game Reserve within Kruger National Park. The dam itself is a regular haunt for the animals noted above particularly during the winter months, when it is very dry there and the water is much needed for the animals' wellbeing.