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                   Словакия Горнолыжный курорт Plejsy город Кромпахи Кошицкий край
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                  Slovakia Ski resort Plejsy Krompachy Koshice Region

Кромпахи - город в восточной Словакии, расположенный у подножья Воловских Врхов при реке Горнад. Население около 9 тыс. человек. Кромпахи впервые упоминаются в 1282 году, тогда они принадлежали Спишскому Граду. В 1602 становятся королевским городом. В 1670 на город нападают куруцы. В 1841 году в Кромпахах строится металлургический завод, который становится самым крупным в тогдашней Венгрии. В 1921—1923 году завод закрывается, это вызывает восстание рабочих. На город обрушивается бедность. В 1948 году в Кромпахах строится электротехнический завод и город снова оживает. В настоящее время город знаменит своим горнолыжным центром Плейсы.


Krompachy - is a town in Slovakia, with a rich mining and metallurgical history, well-known both in Slovakia and in its close neighboring countries for its Plejsy ski center. It is believed that the town was founded at some point in the mid 14th century. From then onwards, it was a centre of mining and metallurgy until the end of the 20th century, particularly focussed on the iron and copper industries. At the start of the 20th century, the Krompachy Ironworks (Krompašská železiareň) had around 3,500 employees and was the biggest ironworks of its time in the Kingdom of Hungary. The Ironworks closed after World War I. In 1921, there was a bloody uprising, known as the Krompachy Uprising (Slovak: Krompašská vzbura) in the town. Since 1991, following the industrial decline and as a result of large scale investment, Plejsy became an internationally visited alpine ski centre and became known as a holiday destination.

As well as the skiing centre at Plejsy, Krompachy is known for its scenery of hills, valleys and fields. This, together with a number of local natural and cultural sites, have made the town a year-round tourist destination. Krompachy is situated in the central Spiš area in the valley of the Hornád river, 360 – 450 meters above sea level. The town lies on the meeting point of three mountain ranges; the Levoča Hills (Levočské vrchy) and Branisko Massif (the highest point is Slubica 1129 meters above sea level) are to the north and the Volovec Mountains (Volovské vrchy) (part of the Slovenské rudohorie Mountains) are to the south. The town is surrounded on every side by mountain massifs, with summits 900-1,100 metres above sea level. The annual rainfall in the Hornád Basin (Hornádska kotlina) is between 590 and 800 mm. The rainiest month is July and the driest is February. Snow covers the area 75–90 days a year. The average annual temperature is 6.8 °C (44 °F), the lowest in January −6.2 °C (21 °F), the highest in July 17.0 °C (63 °F). The large conifer and mixed forests are home of red deer, boars, wolves, lynxes, badgers. The forests are rich in mushrooms and wild forest fruits. The Hornád river is the home of trout, salmon, grayling and eel.