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  Украина Азовском море туристическо-оздоровительный комплекс «Пересыпь»
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Ukraine Azov Sea tourist-recreation complex "Peresyp"

Туристическо-оздоровительный комплекс (ТОК) "Пересыпь" (категории - три звезды, 3***) приглашает Вас отдохнуть на берегу ласкового теплого моря в уютном курортном поселке Кирилловка. Наш комплекс расположен в спокойной и тихой части косы Пересыпь. У нас Вы ощутите качественно новый уровень отдыха на Азовском море. "Туристическо-оздоровительный комплекс "Пересыпь" - райский уголок для тех, кто ищет комфортный отдых на Азовском побережье. С каждым годом всё больше и больше туристов посещают Азовское море и каждый раз убеждаются, что отдых в Кирилловке, где коса Пересыпь разделяет Азовское море и Молочный лиман, грязевые ресурсы которого обладают лечебными свойствами - легкий и приятный. Учитывая возрастную категорию отдыхающих, весь комплекс оздоровительных факторов Азовского моря отлично тренирует нейроэндокринную, сердечно-сосудистую, дыхательную системы, благотворно воздействуют на терморегуляционные и обменные процессы, повышает жизненный тонус организма. А мы со своей стороны прикладываем максимум усилий к тому, чтобы Вы зарядились силами, позитивом и энергетикой на весь год, до следующего курортного сезона. Каждый год Мы растем и развиваемся, расширяем спектр услуг, улучшаем качество сервиса. На протяжении Вашего отдыха, искусные повара ТОК "Пересыпь", 3 раза в день будут баловать Вас вкусными блюдами традиционной кухни, с обилием свежих овощей и фруктов. Номерной фонд ТОК "Пересыпь" насчитывает 92 номера разных категорий. Ниже приведена схема нашего комплекса, по которой Вы можете ознакомиться с инфраструктурой ТОК "Пересыпь".


Rest on sea of Azov - the yellow stripe on the map highlights the main resort areas, which allow making holidays on the Azov Sea really remarkable. Most arranged in terms of comfortable (“not wild”) holiday-making are Golubickaja, Peresyp, Kuchugury, Ilich. Each year the popularity of recreation on the Azov Sea is growing exponentially. Resorts of Ukraine, Crimea, Georgia remained abroad, the Black Sea shores are crowded, and what is most importantly all these variants are extremely expensive according to up-to-date standards. The Azov Sea climate conditions which are favorable for improvement of children health are accompanied by a large stockpile of silt sulfide mud of Solenoe and Golubitsky lakes, numerous estuaries and mud deposits of pseudo-volcanic Azov and Achtanizovskoj Nipples. The beaches of the Azov Sea are composed of grinded shells which are preferable for families with babies.

The Azov Sea has dozens of resort centers and health resorts, mini-hotels and key-ready houses appropriate for holiday making. For those who like fishing there is a large number of estuaries and lakes. The climate on the Azov Sea is mild changing from maritime to continental. Winters are mild, windy, and rainy. It’s snowing rarely, snow cover is unstable, frosty weather is short-lived. An average temperature in January is about 2C. Summers are warm and sunny. An average temperature in summer is +25 C. The average annual precipitation is approximately 500 mm. The number of sunshine hours is 2350 annually. The bathing season lasts from May to September. On the coast there are many sandy and sandy-shell beaches. That is what makes holiday making on the Azov Sea extremely attractive. Summer is time of vacations, interesting trips, luxury holidays and new acquaintances. But this also raises the question: where to rest and who take as a holiday companion? We present you a really pearl of the Azov Shore. We’d like to acquaint you with a comfortable resort centre Peresyp, located at Fedotova Bar.

The Azov Sea and Peresyp resort centre have deservedly gained the status of international health and recreation centre. Unique nature conditions of this reserved territory greatly contribute to this. Warm and mild climate, curative air of the Azov Sea ionized with bromine and iodine, infused with the scent of the steppe, hydrosulfide estuary, warm and clean sea, wonderful sandy beach are have to be mentioned. The rapidly developing infrastructure has made the fame of a unique resort for this unique corner of Ukraine.

Peresyp resort center favorably stands out in many criteria among the huge variety of resorts, holiday camps and private hotels. All rooms of Peresyp resort center are equipped with bathrooms with hot and cold water, refrigerators, air conditioning systems and TV sets. The planning of any room in the building or cottage is carefully thought-out. In each room you’ll meet quiet, nice, and home-cozy atmosphere, comfortable furniture selected with taste and attention. Water is supplied in the rooms around the clock. Complex 3-meals a day are also arranged at the resort, their cost included in payment rates. A bar-restaurant and mini-bar on the beach are also at your disposal. Not far from the resort centre there is the market where you can enjoy the availability of fresh vegetables, fruits, watermelons, melons, cherries.

The Azov Sea perfectly fits for family holidays with children. The air of the Azov Sea is especially useful for children. The Azov Sea is warming rapidly and in May one can bath even with little children. The climate of the Azov Sea is equally suitable for young and elderly people. In our area the Azov Sea is warm in May and in September. For many people it is the best time for holidays, because air temperature does not exceed +28 degrees. June and September are the best time for rest with children. There is no real heat and one can be sure that children will not overheat in the sun. At the Peresyp resort center territory you’ll really like the playground for playful children and the summer ground of the café will allow you to sit in the evening over a glass of good wine, chatting with friends. We also have a cozy cinema hall with a modern sound and image system. Peresyp resort center - for those who adore comfort! Clean air, fragrances of flowering grasses and sea, unique landscapes with bays and estuaries, fishing paradise, sandy beaches - all this you’ll find in the area of the Azov Sea, where Peresyp resort center is located. Mild climate, wide beaches, covered with fine sand and limestone… Kirillovka is a blissful corner of the warmth and sun. Average temperatures range is +24.

If it's hot, you can always find shade at Peresyp resort center. In the heat it’s better to relax in comfortable lodges and cottages. Air conditioners in every room will allow you to choose the desired temperature in the room. At the Peresyp resort centre great number of landscape zones, ponds and flowerbeds will delight the eye and contribute to the fun and easy mood. In cozy alcoves and shadowy alleys you’ll be able to relax with friends, to arrange a chess tournament, to play dominoes or backgammon, or simply to admire nature or to meet the sunrise… Friendly personnel of the resort, as well as sun, air and sea will help to relax and recharge your health for a whole year! Summer begins in middle May. Average length of the solar time is 320 hours in June, 355 hours in July and 332 hours in August. Therefore sea water, especially in coastal lagoons, is warming very quickly and reaching 20-22 degrees in middle May and nearly 26-28 degrees (in the lagoons to 30 degrees) in July-August.

Precipitation reaches 53 mm in June, 42 mm in July, 54 mm in August. Relative humidity degree is from 74 percent in June to 72 percent August. Number of days with strong wind is 7 monthly. Summer ends in October. As you can see, the summer season lasts nearly five months and this favors recreation greatly. The Black Sea climate is less comfortable than the Azov Sea climate. In recent years, its water temperature in the summer often varies from 18 to 24 *C. Therefore children and elderly people should choose the Azov Sea. It is much better warmed, and there are no such temperature extremes. Owning your own house at the seaside is a wonderful solution. If you live at least several months at the seaside, even without treatment, your organism can cope with many diseases.